Allow Me to (re)Introduce Myself

Welcome to my new-and-improved blog, A Splash of Sharan. I created this site a year ago to document my gap year travels. Although my year of adventuring has come to an end, I’ve decided to continue blogging and will transform this space into one completely dedicated to fashion, my greatest passion.

My first memories of loving clothes come from third grade when I would match my Old Navy tank tops and graphic tee shirts with capris from Sears and JCPenney. Thankfully, my style has evolved (a lot) since then, but what hasn’t changed is how much I love experimenting with clothes. I want to share my inherent love with you and hopefully inspire you to also have as much fun with fashion!

Each week I’ll be sharing what I wore and what I’m obsessed with. Also, check out my “Shop” page, where I’ve curated my favorite items from various stores. I’ll be updating it with new pieces regularly.

To kick things off and for you to get to know me better, I thought I’d answer a few fashion related questions. Hope you enjoy and that you keep reading my blog!


Favorite designers?

Joanna Ortiz, Dolce & Gabanna, Elie Saab

Favorite stores and sites to shop at?

Zara, Aritzia, Asos

Style icons?

Anna Dello Russo, Olivia Palermo, Sonam Kapoor, Gilda Ambrosio, Miroslava Duma

Favorite type of clothing?


Three things I love:

Fur, Sequins, Monochrome

Three things I hate:

Chokers, chokers, and chokers

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