Weekend in Bilbao, SP

When I first found out I’d be going to Spain, I realized that I would be able to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. And once I actually got to Bilbao mid-November, it turns out the Guggenheim, and also the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (where no photos were allowed), are really the only things to see in this Basque city. Bilbao wasn’t particularly charming or exciting and the weather was awful. I did like how green the hills were though… because it reminded me of New Hampshire! Yes, by that point in my trip, that’s how much I missed home.

I hope you like the few photos I have from Bilbao, and yes I really did eat all that sushi 😛

Do let me know if you ever visit Bilbao and what type of experience you have. I would definitely visit Bilbao again, for the museums, and also because the surrounding small towns are supposed to be really charming. I also definitely want to venture to other Basque cities… particularly to San Sebastian, which I know is more beautiful than Bilbao… because it wouldn’t be too hard to beat Bilbao on that front 😉

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