Although I’ve been in Mumbai for two months now, I have done very little eating out (strange for someone who wears their “gastronome” badge proudly). Of the few restaurants I have been to though, I have been largely happy with my meals, including an Asian feast I devoured yesterday at Pa Pa Ya. Located in Palladium, an upscale shopping mall in the Lower Parel neighborhood of Mumbai, Pa Pa Ya is a part of Massive… View Post

I promised myself before I even arrived in Madrid that I would not return home without visiting Amsterdam and Rome. I visited Amsterdam the first weekend of November and my last trip while I was in Europe was to Roma! There are so many historical sights to see in Rome and I was there for such a short amount of time! I ended up being so busy walking between monuments and museum that I didn’t… View Post

When I first found out I’d be going to Spain, I realized that I would be able to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. And once I actually got to Bilbao mid-November, it turns out the Guggenheim, and also the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum (where no photos were allowed), are really the only things to see in this Basque city. Bilbao wasn’t particularly charming or exciting and the weather was awful. I did like… View Post

The first Friday of November, I boarded an afternoon KLM (great service on this airline, BTW) flight to Amsterdam. Once my plane arrived, I took a train to my hotel… which turned out to be a hostel. I (nervously) dropped my stuff off in my room, where three guys were already staying, before heading out into the city. First thing to do: GET DINNER. I ate at Golden Temple, a vegetarian restaurant that actually ended… View Post

Many people have asked me why I chose to spend part of my gap year in Spain, particularly in Madrid. If I’m being honest, it’s largely because I wanted to visit the Prado Museum and see its countless masterpieces. Yes, I know I could’ve been anywhere in Europe and done a weekend trip to see the Prado, but so many families from Madrid were looking for au pairs that it seemed like it was meant… View Post