#MusicMonday no. 2: DJ Class Graduation

Since I’m so into music, I want to make sharing music a regular part of this blog. What better way to do that than having #MusicMonday each week!

Check the site every Monday for a new playlist. They might be themed (throwback hip-hop songs? my favorite songs by The Strokes? the best new releases?) or they might be a completely random compilation of what I’m listening to at the moment. The playlists will be on either SoundCloud or Spotify so be sure to follow me not only on here, but on both of those channels so you don’t miss a new playlist and so that you can access them whenever!

If you read my second blog post, you know that I took a DJ class that culminated in a graduation party where my classmates and I each performed a 30-minute set. For this week’s #MusicMonday I’m sharing the songs that I played at that party. While you don’t get to hear the way I mixed the songs and any effects I used, you at least get to hear the songs in the order I played them!

Hope you liked what I played! Let me know in the comments what music you’ve been listening to!

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