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Raise your hand (or do whatever the appropriate digital equivalent of this would be) if you own or desperately want a pair of Gucci loafers? Or a logo t-shirt? Or a Dionysus bag? While I can’t see those raised hands, I know they are out there because Gucci is KILLING IT right now!

While Gucci has been around for decades, it grown to be even more popular and prestigious since Alessandro Michele took over the reins as creative director in 2015. I am a sucker for all things colorful, sparkly, and patterned, and he has turned Gucci into a powerhouse for such garments. While some people would automatically think to style such pieces in an ultra-feminine and traditionally ladylike manner, Michele sends his clothing down the runway in cool, unexpected ways. Michele has kept up with the tastes of modern consumers, while also paying homage to Gucci’s fabled history as a purveyor of luxury.

If you’ve been sleeping on the dopeness of Gucci, take a look below at some of my favorite looks from their most recent collections.

Row 1: Pre-Fall ’17, Row 2: SS ’17, Row 3: Resort ’17, Row 4: FW ’16, Row 5: Pre-Fall ’16; (photos courtesy of

While I love the above looks, I couldn’t imagine wearing all of them as they are styled for the runway out in the real world. If you’re the same and still want a bit of Gucci flavor in your life, check out my favorite accessory picks!

P.S. I know that I posted my first #FashionFriday post like 10,000 centuries ago. Forgive me. I promise I will now publish these consistently each week! If you have any ideas for #FashionFriday posts, let me know in the comments below!

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